Hi there! I’m so excited you’re here and we can get to know each other better!

My name is Fiona and the handsome guy in the picture is my awesome husband, Martin. The baby is our little, or let’s say largest, blessing, Gracelyn. We live in a small house in south

ern Manitoba and that’s where all my inspiration gets started.

That being said, I am the one that does most of the photo-taking, recipe/DIY-creating, taste-testing and editing! I’m all about making a difference to you by creating DIY’s and recipes that are inexpensive, quick, easy and perfect to share with those you love.

What’s this blog all about?

This blog is everything from life as a mom to recipes and DIY’s. The reason I named it ‘Why Stay One Minded’ is because I want my readers and myself to be open to new things, new possibilities and new chances. Be open, embrace yourself and learn something new. Life would be boring if we never tried anything new. Why stay one minded, right?

Thanks again for stopping by, and I wish you many adventurous days ahead!

♡ Fiona

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