Changing Table Makeover

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In this tutorial I am going to show you our changing table makeover. We purchased it for only $20 on Varage Sale including the changing pad and three different covers. Unfortunately, it was a dark changing table and we had decided on a gray/white nursery theme. The changing table was a pretty long process until we had it the way we liked it, but it turned out good at the end so that is what counts.Changing Table Makeover

This is how it looked like before:

Changing Table Makeover

Pretty scuffed up, I guess it needed a paint job anyways! 😉

We (or let’s say my husband) started out sanding the paint off. This took quiet a while and after a few hours was this how far he got:

Changing Table Makeover

He spent a whole day sanding and didn’t even get half way through. Then he decided that there must be an easier (and cleaner!) way of getting the paint off and took google as his help. It showed how other people used a putty knife to scrape off the paint while it heating it with a heat gun. Well, we did not have a heat gun so off to the store he went.

Unfortunately, this method did not speed up the working process at all. It was a lot cleaner, but it gave off a burning smell and took the same time as sanding.

On the second Saturday when he worked on getting the paint layer off, we heard of a chalk paint that you can just paint over the paint not having to sand it off. Of course he was almost done sanding by the time we found out about this.

Janie and Jack

So off to the store he went again and got us some chalk paint. This was much easier (and cleaner!) than sanding the paint off and totally worth the $30! You can purchase the paint here.
Changing Table Makeover

We bought the lightest color they had, which was chiffon cream.

All that was left now was painting the changing table! I was even allowed to help with the painting part, since the paint does not have any odor and is baby safe! 🙂

This is how it looked like after the first layer:

Changing Table MakeoverWe added another layer everywhere and then a third layer where it was needed.Changing Table Makeover

I bought 6 cute little baskets which were 2 for $18. You can buy them right here.

What we spent on the changing table was $54 for the baskets, $20 for the changing table and $30 for the paint. In total that is $104.

Here is a similar changing table new for $213.99 without the baskets. Turns out that we paid a third and it looks just as good. Probably even better 😉

Changing Table Makeover

Changing Table Makeover

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Comment below what you think! xoxo

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Changing Table Makeover

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