Burned Pallet Wall DIY

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For this Burned Pallet Wall DIY, we were inspired from the post of the frosted petticoat. Her pallet wall is very similar and totally fits a neutral nursery room. This project barely cost us anything and adds such a nice touch to the room. Click To Tweet We got the pallets off VarageSale (which were $2 each!) and the lacquer spray was $6 a spray bottle at Home Hardware. So really, it involved almost no cost at all!Burned Pallet Wall DIY 1This DIY requires more of your hubby’s help if you’re not the building type!

Materials we needed for this project:

How to do it:

And some tools for taking apart the pallets. My husband swore that this was the easiest way to take apart pallets using these tools:Burned Pallet Wall DIY 2What he did was; he took a block of wood, placed it on the pallet that he wanted to take apart and gave a few strong heaps at that.Burned Pallet Wall DIY 3Then, he took the saw and cut off the long nails. We left the nails in the pallets so it gives a more rustic look.Burned Pallet Wall DIY 4After taking apart 2 Pallets, he lined them up nicely in a row and started burning them with a bunsen burner.

Then, he applied two coats of lacquer spray so none of the ash will fall off.

If you like, you can finely sand the pallets after the first layer of lacquer spray which will make the spray adhere better. The only reason we didn’t do it was because we found out about it afterwards!Burned Pallet Wall DIY 5Burned Pallet Wall DIY 5A week later honey had the time to attach it to the wall. The compressor and nails he used are seen on the picture below:

The only thing that was in the way of using the full pallets, was one small outlet which was very easy to cut out with a hand saw.

Burned Pallet Wall DIY 12IMG_1846After that, the rest was easy. He has done it in about half an hour!Burned Pallet Wall DIY 13And voila! There it is! A rustic background for your changing table 🙂

BTW: this can be used as a background for anything else as well 😉

If you want to see how we redid the changing table here.

To see how I made the Flower Wood Stick click here.

Let me know what you think! What is your background for your changing table? xoxo

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Burned Pallet Wall DIY

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