DIY Nursery Elephant Wall Decor

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DIY Nursery Elephant Wall DecorI love this DIY Nursery Elephant Wall Decor, because it looks so cute and it fits to either a boy or girl decor! That was my plus when we decided on being surprised on the gender. It took quiet some painting it out for me, because I did it freehand (AGAIN). I recommend using Letter Stickers, I’m sure it will be SO much quicker that way. Have fun! Click To Tweet


What you need:

  • Wood Board (17 inch length, 16 1/4 inch width)
  • Chalk Paint
  • Elephant Template
  • Small Self-Leveling Hanger
  • Recommended, but not necessary: Letter Stickers from the Dollar Store


How to do it:

First off, I drew and cut out an elephant.

DIY Nursery Elephant Wall DecorNow I traced it with chalk paint to have a boarder.

DIY Nursery Elephant Wall DecorThen I took a black marker and wrote out the words. Here, you can use your letter stickers that will speed up the whole process. Just stick them where you want your letters to be.


DIY Nursery Elephant Wall DecorNow it’s time to give your elephant the first coat. If you used the letters, you can just paint over everything and don’t have to work in between the little holes. See what I mean with being easier?

DIY Nursery Elephant Wall Decor

I went over it a second time just to give it a firmer look. If you’re using letter stickers, make sure to wait till the paint is all dry before you peel it off.


Then you just add the stars and moon by the top and give it a second top as well. Now you outline everything with a black marker to give it a cleaner look and you’re all done!

DIY Nursery Elephant Wall Decor

Make sure to attach a small self-leveling hanger on the back so you can hang it up anywhere you like!

DIY Nursery Elephant Wall Decor


DIY Nursery Elephant Wall Decor

DIY Nursery Elephant Wall Decor

Want to see how I made that adorable wood slice moon? Click here.

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