DIY Wood Slice Center Piece

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DIY Wood Slice Center PieceThis DIY Wood Slice Center Piece is super easy and I get commented on it from almost every visitor I have! And trust me, we have lots of people coming over to our house.  It took me literally 10-20 minutes for 4 of these. I use them for everything, as center pieces on our dining table, pot holders, to store our drinks on it etc. It cost me almost nothing and has so many uses! Here’s how I did it:

What you need:

First off, you take your shelf liner and spread it out. I bought a 2-pack from dollarama for $1.25.

DIY Wood Slice Center Piece

Then, you put one wood slice in the center and the other 6 all around it. Play around with it a bit until you’re satisfied with the look.

Now you can hot glue each wood slice on the shelf liner and cut the extra shelf liner off. Turn the Wood Slice Center Piece around and staple the shelf liner onto the wood. It’s very important to do this, because the hot glue will wear off after time and your wood slices will eventually fall off.

DIY Wood Slice Center Piece

DIY Wood Slice Center Piece

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