DIY Wood Stick Heart

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Today I will explain how to make those super cute DIY Wood Stick Heart that everybody loves. But guess what? I’ll show you the easy way! Who doesn’t love having hearts hanging around the house that add a homey feeling?!

DIY Wood Stick Heart

What you need:

  • Wood Stick Fence from Dollarama
  • Cardboard
  • Black Paint
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors
  • Jute Twine
  • Tin Snips, reccomended

You start off by drawing a heart shape on the cardboard. I just used a cereal box as my cardboard. Cut the heart shape out and paint it black.

DIY Wood Stick Heart


I did two hearts right away to compliment each side of a bigger heart that I bought.

DIY Wood Stick Heart

When your heart/s are dry, take the heart and trace it on the wood stick fence. I got mine at Dollarama for about $2.50. If you can’t find one, just take sticks you find outside. Make sure to bake them or do something else to get rid of all the bugs, mites etc.

DIY Wood Stick Heart


When I traced it on there, I just cut it out and hot glued it on. I used tin snips to cut it out, but you can use scissors as well. It might not be as easy, but it works.  Make sure to hot glue as many areas as you can. Now take some jute twine and hot glue a little loop at the back of your heart so you can hang it anywhere you like!

DIY Wood Stick HeartDIY Wood Stick HeartDIY Wood Stick Heart

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