DIY Wood Flower Stick

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Today I have another DIY that is super fast, easy and cute! I love how this DIY Wood Flower Stick adds to the changing table! This took me a couple of minutes and cost me almost nothing! What decoration do you have for your changing table?

This changing table and everything all around it, was a bunch of work and lots of invested time. I would say all of it was totally worth it. We saved a lot of money and I also love how it looks like. It is so unique.[irp]

What you need for the DIY Wood Flower Stick:

  • Wood Stick
  • Fake Flowers
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Jute twine & push pins (optional)

This DIY requires you to actually go outside and maybe even take a walk. I care about your health AND your decor 🙂 You start with your wood stick. Find a wood stick that you like outside. Then take your flowers and arrange them onto the stick.

DIY Wood Flower StickOnce you figured out how you like them arranged, hot glue them on onto the wood stick. That’s all there is to it, you’re finished!

DIY Wood Flower StickI added some more flowers on the left bottom branch later on, because I thought it looked a little blank. Using jute twine, I attached it to the wood twig and then to push pins on top of the pallet wall.

My husband didn’t let me glue it onto the changing table with silicone glue, because according to him the DIY Wood Flower Stick looks like nothing. I had to attach it with push pins so we can take it off anytime, he says. I think it looks great on there and adds a girly feeling to the room. What do you think?

DIY Wood Flower Stick


DIY Wood Flower Stick

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