Helpful Tips For Pregnancy

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Today I’m going to talk about some Helpful Tips For Pregnancy that I figured out while I was pregnant, or what other people had suggested. I must say, some of them saved me a bunch of money and a bunch of pain afterwards! Keep reading..

1. Most insurances cover medical compression stockings

Helpful Tips For Pregnancy

These stockings cost over $180 and are excellent for varicose veins and supporting the belly as well. Most insurances cover 3 tights a year and they come in various colors and thicknesses. Check out your local massage therapy center and ask what they have available. I strongly recommend this, because they measure the tightness you need. Buying a one size from a store can be dangerous, because the tightness is all the same and it might be too much or too little for you. If it’s too much, it could cut off your circulation. Don’t hesitate to check these out, besides, if you have insurance they’re free 🙂

2. Pregnancy Massages

Helpful Tips For Pregnancy

At first I was skeptical about having a massage when being pregnant, but it was actually very helpful to me. It made my belly feel lighter and my body wasn’t so sore. Be sure to ask your massage therapist if they have done a course for pregnancy massages so you and your baby is safe 🙂

3. Red Raspberry Leaf Capsules

Helpful Tips For Pregnancy

Drinking red raspberry leaf tea induces labor, so you ave to be careful with this one. I swallowed about 20 in total  of these capsules during my final labor. A couple every few hours. This really helped me during my push contractions, and sped them up tremendously!

4. Vaseline

Helpful Tips For Pregnancy

Applying this to your lower area starting at 26 weeks every night before bed helps from ripping during delivery. Several women have told me that it worked great for them as well for myself. It might feel uncomfortable, but you’ll be very thankful later on!

Let me know if this helped you below in the comments! Good luck, xoxo

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