Summer Wreath DIY

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Summer is around the corner! And so are the summer wreaths. There are lots of ways you can make your wreath, but this was what I had decided on for this Summer Wreath DIY. I love how the colors of the flower look so vibrant and alive to the burlap bow and capital letter S.

When it comes to wreaths, I find that the possibilities are endless. There are so many ways to decorate that circle. Usually, I never have any ideas until I get started with a project. Then the ideas just don’t stop coming and I don’t have enough supplies to make all of them! How is it with you?


Summer Wreath DIY

It was so easy to make. You make the burlap bow and attach it in the middle at the top. To help me make the bow, I used a Youtube video. If you need help with it too, then click here. She does a very good job in explaining it!

Next you hot glue the flowers on each side. I pre-arranged them to see how they look best. Don’t forget to attach the first letter of your last name! Can you guess what mine is? 😉 Btw, I bought my Wood Letter from the Dollar Store, while it was raw wood and painted it this burlap color with my acrylic paint. It’s been holding up great so far outside!

I had tried hot gluing the ‘S’ multiple times, but it has always fallen off. Therefore I just used some jute twine and fastened it on the wreath that way. Looks just as good, eh?

Done you are! And it looks so fabulous 🙂


Summer Wreath DIY

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Summer Wreath DIYSummer Wreath DIYSummer Wreath DIY

Comment below what you think about this Summer Wreath DIY and keep browsing my other posts! xoxo

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