Wood Board DIY

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Okay, you got me. I’m crazy over wood decoration. Especially wood decorations where I can paint sayings on. This was one of my very first diy’s, explaining why I don’t even have a template for you guys to use. I always have this idea in my head, and then I am too eager to get started and forget all about saving all my samples. But if you have a Cricut or anything similar, it should be no problem for you to print something similar out like this. You can always email or comment me if you want me to make another sample-  till then, enjoy my Wood Board DIY!

This is a great quote to put somewhere in your dining area. I had read it on Instagram and knew I had to make a sign for our house. Keep reading to see how I did it and let me know what you think!

What you need:

  • Wood Board
  • Chalk Paint
  • Paper
  • Marker
  • Small Self-Leveling Hangers


First, I taped together a paper to match the size of the board. On there, I made my sample. Don’t mind he rectangles, that just marks where the wood ends 🙂

Wood Board DIY

Then, I copied it onto my wood board with a marker. Another idea to copy your sample onto wood is drawing over the letters of your sample with a pencil. This will leave an indent in your wood and show you exactly where to paint!

Wood Board DIYNow all you need to do is write over it with chalk paint! This can be quiet tricky if you are going free hand, therefore you should make sure to take your time so it looks the best it can be!

Wood Board DIY

Let it dry and attach some small self-leveling hangers so you can hang it up. Enjoy!

Wood Board DIY

Wood Board DIY

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