DIY Hanging Shelf

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DIY Hanging Shelf

This DIY hanging shelf is probably one of my favorite DIY’s ever. I love how it adds to our living room. And I love how unique it is. Like, have you ever seen anything like this in anybody’s house? YOU might have – but I haven’t!

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This time I have a step by step picture to show you how we did it.DIY Hanging Shelf

What you need:

  • Shelf
  • Screw Driver
  • Thick Rope
  • Hooks (I used Clothes Hooks)


How to make the DIY Hanging Shelf:

Start by drilling 4 holes in each corner with your screw driver. We used a 3/4 inch width. Drill just till you see it coming out on the other end and then turn your shelf around and drill from the other side. This prevents any wood chips and makes the holes looks cleaner.DIY Hanging Shelf


Then take you rope and cut it in 4 even lengths. I bought my rope from our local Home Hardware. They sell them by the foot (I bought 12 feet). Now put one of the ropes through the hole and tie a knot. DIY Hanging ShelfThe knot does not need to be firm to hold – it’s very strong rope and no problem if it’s not tight all the way. Do so for all the holes.DIY Hanging Shelf


Now take your hooks – or clothes hooks in my case and fasten them on the wall.DIY Hanging ShelfI chose a white finish so it matches the white shelf and our white lamps beside it. DIY Hanging Shelf


All you have left to do now is knot the rope on the hooks and decorate your shelf! A trick to see if your DIY Hanging Shelf is leveled correctly is placing a cup  of water on the shelf. If the shelf is hanging straight the water should be leveled! You welcome 🙂

DIY Hanging ShelfI still haven’t quite made up my mind on what to put on the shelf – what do you like better – the hearts or the flower vases? Let me know in the comments below!

DIY Hanging Shelfxoxo

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