DIY Raised Garden Planter

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Today I will show you how I made my garden. This idea came to me for my last rescue! I had already given up on planting any vegetables but then one Sunday afternoon I spotted a steel barrel and all my hopelessness came to end! I’m so glad I had this idea of a diy raised garden planter and it was super easy! All you need is a steel barrel, cutting tools (or ask somebody to cut it for you) and some spray paint (optional).

I love how this garden planter works for any kind of yard. If you have a huge yard, you can use it, no problem. But if you have a tiny yard with limited space, then this DIY is just perfect! It is easy to maintain and makes your garden look neat. Over the course of the summer I have noticed how easy it is to weed and it also keeps the bunnies away!

Here is a picture of the steel barrel that I had used. You can get it from any factory for free and they work great for keeping rain water as well! (shown on the right barrel in the picture)DIY Raised Garden Planter

Then, you cut it into three parts with a grinder –  or anything else that works (how should I know, I just kindly asked my dad to do it). He cut it exactly where the two rounded parts are.DIY Raised Garden Planter

Now it was my turn. I took some spray paint (brown metallic color from Home Hardware) and started spraying away. It was super easy and I was done in no time because it dried so fast (maybe because it was really hot too).


Then we picked up some soil and positioned them where we wanted in our yard.DIY Raised Garden PlanterIf you don’t have strong men helping, you can just position the barrels where you like and then fill them up with soil. Plant whatever you want in them! I planted four tomatoes, 3 rhubarb and one cucumber.

This is my first garden EVER. So let’s see how that’s going to work out. I’ve never had luck with plants, like ever – it seemed that they would die as soon as they came into my hands. As if my hands were jinxed or something. But you’re supposed to get better the more you try, so here I am- trying and trying.

**Update: This season has been working great! Well, way better than all the other ones. My tomatoes and rhubarb are huge!! Unfortunately my cucumber has passed away… sadly. But I would blame it on not drilling holes in the bottom so that the water can drain. I would strongly recommend it for yours!**DIY Raised Garden PlanterWe took the lid from the steel barrel and fastened it on the second circle so both barrels have a base. If I ever want to move them anywhere – there’s no problem!

*As said in the update above, I would recommend drilling 2-3 holes in the bottom for better air and water flow*DIY Raised Garden PlanterHow do you keep your garden? Let me know in the comments below and keep browsing my other posts 🙂 xoxo

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