Smartest Way To Hang Wall Art

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One of our biggest fears for our house or apartment seems to be destroying the walls with hanging up pictures. Click To Tweet It must be one of yours too, otherwise you wouldn’t be here checking out the Smartest Way To Hang Wall Art! 🙂

I like to change our wall art quiet frequently, and it really doesn’t look nice to hammer nails in the walls for each and every time I change my mind (which is a LOT).

So I had the idea to try out push pins to use instead of nails – it works awesome!

I can use it for everything light, like canvases etc! I wouldn’t recommend it for heavy wooden boards – but everything else works awesome!!

Even if you do change your mind, all you have in your wall is a little hole, which you can easily cover up with a clear bar of soap. It is the Smartest Way To Hang Wall Art, eh? Take that and rub it over the surface. Then just wipe it off and you can see nothing of it!

Smartest Way To Hang Wall Art

Let me know your opinion or your way of hanging wall art in the comments below! And don’t forget to keep browsing my other posts 🙂


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