6 Reasons You Wake Up With A Headache In The Morning

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It’s the worst thing to wake up in the morning, and instead of feeling rested, you have an enormous headache on your shoulders. In this post I am going to identify 5 reasons that could be the cause of your headache.

1. Electronics close to your head

A reason why you wake up with a headache could be because you leave your phone or tablet to close to your head overnight. I would recommend storing your electronic device as far from your head as possible, and that’s not on your nightstand. A few feet away comes up with the best results.

6 Reasons You Wake Up With A Headache In The Morning

2. Music playing all night

If this is either with headphones or just loud, it will cause you a headache. Music might be nice for falling asleep, but hours and hours will make your body tired and give you a very unrested feeling (speaking of experience here..).

6 Reasons You Wake Up With A Headache In The Morning

3. Clenching or Grinding Teeth

This used to be my biggest problem for waking up with a headache. It’s something you do unconsciously, but it can give you a terrible headache AND face ache. I’ve had it hurting from my jaw all the way up to my eye and also a terrible aching head. Clenching and grinding your teeth is a known condition called bruxism. A solution to this is becoming aware when you do it during the day. Placing the tip of your tongue between your teeth helps you to get rid of that problem.

But what do I do when I’m sleeping?

Thankfully, there are night guards for that. Wearing them at night time, will keep the pain away and a new you in the morning! Usually, your insurance covers them and if you don’t have insurance – it’s definitely worth the money!

4. Wrong Pillow

Sleeping with the wrong pillow will not only give you a sore back, but also lower your sleeping quality. If you wake up super tired and feel like you got more tired than rested, then this is probably your problem. Buying a better fit for your head will increase your sleeping quality by so much! After I had finally switched out my pillow, my body had to regain all that lost sleep and I was able to sleep HOURS! And not just any sleep, really deep, refreshing sleep.


5. Head to close to your headboard

My hubby and I have been conversing about this for a while, but after he had tried it for a couple nights, he couldn’t do anything but give in….

It really works wonders. Before you lay down, just make sure that your pillow is about a foot away from your headboard. This gives your head more room to breathe and also keeps you away from all the outlets! Also keeping your window open when there is a soft wind or rain could make your sleep more comfortable as well.

6 Reasons You Wake Up With A Headache In The Morning

6. Snoring

Snoring is huge factor for chronic headaches. It can also be a symptom of sleep apnea, a dangerous condition in which you briefly stop breathing during the night ( It would be best to get it checked out and get it treated.

6 Reasons You Wake Up With A Headache In The Morning

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6 Reasons You Wake Up With A Headache In The Morning

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