4 Art Supplies That Are Cheaper On Amazon

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Ever wondered if the dollar store’s items are overpriced? Like they’re asking just a wee bit too much for certain things? Well, my darlings, today I have 4 Art Supplies That Are Cheaper On Amazon Than At The Dollar Store. Keep scrolling and start saving!

1. Double Sided Crafting Tape

If you buy these double sided tapes from the dollar store, you sure know how fast they empty right in the middle of your project. Fortunately, Amazon sells these in a 12 pack with 59 ft of tape on each for only $13.13. This is a blowout sale comparing to the Dollar Tree amount of 2 double sided tapes with 9.85 ft for $1.00. 

You would have to buy exactly 35.94 packs to make up the length of the amazon tapes. So buying this deal would save you $27.48!

2. Ink Pads

Those of us who like (more like love, there’s no in between) scrap booking probably buy their ink pads at close to my heart or other fancy brands. If you’re like me, and just got into it or don’t have too much money to put into it, ink pads from the dollar store or now amazon will do just fine!

This is another HUGE deal, as Amazon sells 20 different colored ones for only $8.99. Dollar Tree sells EACH for $1.00 and only has 4 options for colors (red, green, black, blue). So this time you do the math!

(In case you don’t want to: you would end up paying $22.60 for 20 of the same 4 colors. Buying from amazon would save you $13.61!!)

3. Elmer’s Glue

Amazon sells 30 of these glue sticks for only $7.55, while Dollarama sells each for $2. That makes a price difference of $60.25! What a great deal you have here.

4 Art Supplies That Are Cheaper On Amazon

4. Colored Construction Paper

Ah, construction paper. Kids love it, we love it. It’s just great for anything and makes any note look nicer than an ol’ boring white piece of paper. 

For this construction paper you won’t save a remarkable amount, but any penny is a dollar. Amazon sells a pack of 500 for $9.53, while Dollar Tree sells a pack of 48 for, you guessed it, $1.00.

To have the same amount of paper from the dollar tree, you would have to buy 10.42 packs, so let’s say 10 and a half. This would cost you $10.50 plus taxes, which makes $11.87. That amazon deal saves you a total of $2.34!

That’s it for today! Nothing against Dollar Tree, I totally love that store! And I find it’s the only dollar store that stays true to the $$! If you would like to read more comparisons, comment below! xoxo

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