Maternity Photo Prop DIY

One thing I enjoyed doing when we were expecting was taking pictures with my huge belly. I’m just that kind of person that pulls hubby into all those photo shoots that he actually hates doing but does them anyways because he loves me. *sigh* I’m super blessed with this guy. Anyways, expecting a baby is a very exciting time in your life and it also costs a lot too! Buying a stroller, crib, changing table etc… so here’s a very easy DIY you can do at home and use as a cute and very inexpensive photo prop. 🙂

What you need:

  • jute rope
  • construction paper
  • black/red marker
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors


I started off by cutting about a 2 cm wide strip of construction paper. Then I folded it in the desired length I wanted. Make sure to do just a bit extra for later on. You need 13 little rectangles.


After that you just cut the folded lines. As you can see I made one rectangle a bit wider, I thought it would look better if the ‘love’ is bigger than the rest.


Then I cut a triangle in each rectangle just to give it a bit of an edge.


Now, you just take your markers and start writing!


Then I took the top of each letter and bend it over just a bit. It makes the gluing on the rope way easier!


And there you go! Super easy and super cute! Comment below what you think 🙂


P.S. We used the self-timer to take this picture

P.P.S. It’s harder than it looks


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