DIY Forever & Always Wood Sign

Hello everybody!

This DIY is super duper adorable for your bedroom or any other room you’d like! Well… I guess that makes it super adorable for anything! I REALLY like how it turned out. It gives such a cute touch to our vanity. And besides, we will be together forever & always. Another cute DIY where it only takes a few minutes and your supplies are limited. Let’s jump right into it!

What you’ll need:

  • 3 Wood Boards – finished the way you like it
  • Forever & Always Template
  • Pencil
  • Paint Brush and Brown Paint (not on picture)
  • Black Marker, optional (not on picture)
  • Finishing Spray, optional (not on picture)IMG_4574.JPG

Start off by taking your templates (Forever & Always Template) and fitting them on each wood board. My ‘forever’ and ‘always’ boards are 6 inch in length and 3 1/2 inch width. And my ‘&’ board is 3 1/2 inch x  3 1/2 inch. Take your pencil and trace over the words. Don’t be shy – color the words all the way in. You don’t have to press too hard tough.IMG_4575.JPGJust experiment, the harder you press the more it is going to be visible later on.IMG_4576.JPGThis was enough for me already, and I just pressed down a LITTLE harder than when I’m writing. But everybody has different hand pressures – so just find your own!IMG_4577.JPGWhat I’m saying is, you don’t have to press your hand out 🙂

Now write over the letters with brown paint. I also went around the outsides of the letters with a black markers to make the boarders look neater.IMG_4581.JPGLastly spray or apply some finishing gloss to it if you desire. I used a lacquer spray from Home Hardware.IMG_4629.JPGWhat’ya think?IMG_4627.JPG


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DIY Wood Stick Heart

IMG_3772.JPGHi guys, today I will explain how to make those super cute wood stick hearts that everybody loves the easy way! Who doesn’t love having hearts hanging around the house to add to the homey feeling?!

What you need:

  • Wood Stick Fence from Dollarama
  • Cardboard
  •  Black Paint
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors
  • Jute Twine
  • Tin Snips, reccomended

You start off by drawing a heart shape on the cardboard. I just used a cereal box as my cardboard. Cut the heart shape out and paint it black.


I did two hearts right away to compliment each side of a bigger heart that I bought.


When your heart/s are dry, take the heart and trace it on the wood stick fence. I got mine at Dollarama for about $2.50. If you can’t find one, just take sticks you find outside. Make sure to bake them or do something else to get rid of all the bugs, mites etc.


When you traced it on there, I just cut it out and hot glued it on. I used tin snips to cut it out, but you can use scissors as well. It might not be as easy, but it works.  Make sure to hot glue as many areas as you can. Now take some jute twine and hot glue a little loop at the back of your heart so you can hang it anywhere you like!






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DIY Pinecone Vase

An easy and fast DIY you can make are these adorable Pine cone Vases. I made these for some friends as a Christmas gift and they totally loved it!

What you need:

  • 2 foam balls
  • 2 Vases
  • 2 shishkabob sticks
  • pinecones
  • ribbon
  • white sand
  • hot glue gun

I started off water coloring the two foam balls black. This lets the little spaces that show between the pinecones not be as apparent.


While those were drying I took my pine cones and a brush and painted the ends white. This took a looong time. Thankfully I had help from my little sister, but if you don’t, then I would recommend buying pine cones that already have some color on them.


Then I took the two shishkabob sticks and stuck them in the black foam balls. I stuck them about 1/3 of the stick deep.


You can see that my fingerprints are visible, so I held the sticks and repainted over those areas.

While the balls were drying again, I filled the vases which were from dollarama with fine white sand and chose a ribbon.


I decided on the white, because it just looks that much cuter!

Now all you have left to do is stick the foam ball with the stick in the sand and start hot gluing your pinecones on!


This was the easiest part and was done really fast!IMG_1071And there you go, some cute winter decoration for your house or a gift for somebody you love!


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Ring Holder DIY


Originally, I have seen an idea like this here. I liked it a lot and was determined to try it since I do not wear my ring full time anyways. Unfortunately, I was not able to find a picture frame with a cork background but bought a regular frame at winners for $6.99 instead (4×8″). Keep reading below to see how I did it!

What you need:

  • a picture frame
  • a black marker
  • a cute pin
  • scissors
  • tissue paper
  • white, sturdy paper
  • this PDF print out: FREE LOVE PRINTABLE

I first started off fitting the white paper in the picture frame. Then I wrote ‘love’ in the center. I did not use a sample, but if you do need one you can find one under ‘what you need’ and print it out for free!

When I made sure that everything fit correctly, I went over it with a black marker.


Now the harder part came into game. If you choose to cheap out and buy a cheap frame with no hard backboard like me, you will have to do some fiddling around.

On the back of the frame, I put some tissue paper that the frame was packaged in to make a hold for the pin.


Then, I closed it off with the glass that was in the frame and later with the cardboard. It might look a bit funny, but nobody can see what is inside anyways.

Lastly, I stuck in a pin for the ring to be held. The pin I bought at Dollarama, but you can just use one of your sewing pins as well!

And there you are! A cheap and affordable ring holder that you have put your own effort and love in to create it.



Let me know what you think!


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