Wood Sign: Some Of Our Greatest Blessings Call Me Grandma

Mother’s day comes around like… every year. And we don’t get younger! By now my mom is a proud grandmother and what else could I do but make her a sign with this cute saying on it??? Nothing, I just had to.

I find that we get so caught up with our own life, that we forget to appreciate our mothers more and more. The older you get the more you realize how much your parents have done for you.

This was a simple DIY that bought happy smiles to our mother’s faces… who doesn’t like hanging up pictures of their grand kids… like really?


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Easy Father’s Day Gift


Hi everybody,

Father’s day is around the corner! Totally forgot? Had no time to buy or make something? Well, this DIY is super simple and took me about an hour to do. It was so much fun taking these pictures with her. She was so happy (like almost always) and it was kind of funny how she slid off to the sides after a couple seconds. She can’t hold herself up for too long, because hey she’s only 3 months. So let’s get started and don’t forget to notice how cute she is 🙂

What you need:

  • Wood Board or any kind of surface
  • Pictures of your child/children
  • Double Sided Adhesive Tape
  • Self-Leveling Hanger
  • Cutting Board and Marker to make pictures fit on Board (if needed)


I first cut my pictures to fit the board. If you have a board that is big enough for your pictures, then this is obviously unnecessary. My board is 12 inch in length.

Then, I lined the photos on the board to see how I was going to tape them on.


Then all you have left is to tape them on and attach a hanger on the back.


Notice how the first letter ‘D’ picture shows her standard pose – hands in her mouth. I don’t seem to break that habit *sigh*.


I must say, this is a super cute and not piggy bank breaking DIY. I totally love how it turned out!





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11 Simple DIY Mother’s Day Presents

Below I am going to list 10 simple DIY’s that you can make for your mom on mother’s day! They are super easy, cheap and look great. I know my mom would love any of these!

  1. Fake Egg Carton Rosesdd5be871115ee042758565850c031226.jpg


2. Photo Frame e47b7279993f2192c065b5a44d9fa36f.jpg

3. Cutting Board with Poem for Mom there’s nothing cuter than engraving a personal poem or saying for your mom!29a28d77b12c318481f6dbbcaa086be8.jpg

4. Grandkids Make Life Grand Wood Sign 36869f9e4e78068c66a577c957536209.jpg

5. DIY Upcycled Cans 0911d5dc1a49b83fdd05b768db50a951.jpg

6. Family String Art Photo Board 8759a983b48e222e5742b17d9d6bf8c5


7.  Popsicle Photo Puzzle



8. Buy some tea and attach little notes, coupons or sayings for your mom!




9. A ‘We Love You’ Frame



10. Faux Stone Planter



11.  DIY Command Center





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