DIY Mason Jar Wall Decor

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Pallets, pallets, pallets Click To Tweet This seems to be another trend that is going on all over Pinterest, Facebook, you name it. There are SUCH cool things you can make with it too, I have to admit. This DIY Mason Jar Wall Decor takes a bit more effort, but it’s totally worth it! I love how the pallets look beside the ‘Give Thanks’ sign.

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What you need:Dollar Tree has all of your school supply needs

  • 2 Wood Boards (14 inch length)
  • 2 Mason Jars
  • Lace
  • Brown String
  • Twist Tie
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Self-leveling Hangers

Take your two equal length wood boards and attach one self -leveling hanger on each board. This is important to do in the beginning, it’ll get a lot harder at the end!

DIY Mason Jar Wall Decor

Now take your boards and put a nail on the other side in each board. This is so you can hang your mason jar up. Notice how the nail is slanted. This way it has more grip. I marked the spot for you so you can see it easier 🙂 It’s at about 1/3 down from the top.

DIY Mason Jar Wall Decor


The work with the mason jars can begin! Take your twist twine and twist it around both mason jars. I will get rid of the green rubber later on. Make sure to leave longer strips at the end, so you can tie it on your board 🙂

DIY Mason Jar Wall Decor

Now take your lace and hot glue it around the mason jars. I bought my lace at the thrift store for 25 cents. It looked like this at first:

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DIY Mason Jar Wall Decor

Cricut iPad app

I cut the middle out and halved the outside strip for each mason jar.

DIY Mason Jar Wall DecorDIY Mason Jar Wall Decor

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Now take your brown string and hot glue it over the lace on the top part of your mason jar. End with a bow.

DIY Mason Jar Wall Decor

Do the same thing with the other mason jar.

DIY Mason Jar Wall Decor

Janie and Jack

Lastly, take your mason jar and tie the twist around the nail.

DIY Mason Jar Wall Decor

There you are! Comment below what you think!

DIY Mason Jar Wall Decor

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