DIY Prayer Board With Free Printable

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Here is another fast and simple DIY that keeps you praying. I had made this DIY Prayer Board With Free Printable for our family, and every week we write out 1-2 prayers that the whole family will use in their prayer. These can be from thank-you prayers to praying for somebody else that you know needs the extra help. Let your mind get creative 🙂 There's so much to pray for if you only start looking. Click To Tweet

What you need:

  • Wood Board
  • Chalk Paint or any paint to write on wood
  • This PDF File: Prayers.
  • Black Paint
  • Burlap
  • Cardboard Box
  • Hot Glue Gun, paint brush, scissors, pins, stapler

I started off by taking the cardboard box (I used PC’s Kettle Corn Package) and cutting it to my desired shape and length.

DIY Prayer Board With Free Printable

Then I painted to whole cardboard box black except the back side that is going to be stapled to the wood. This way the writing on the box won’t be shown when you put the burlap on top of it.

DIY Prayer Board With Free Printable

Then I took the Chalk Paint and free hand painted the word ‘Prayers’ on the left side. You can find a similar look to print here: Prayers.

Another option is to just use your Cricut to cut out the letters for you.

DIY Prayer Board With Free Printable

After that your box is hopefully dried and you can take the burlap and hot glue it all around. Make sure to hot glue the bottom and about 1/4 of the insides. It just looks better that way from all perspectives 🙂

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DIY Prayer Board With Free Printable

Now you can take a stapler and staple your box onto the board! Put some paper in the box to take out for your weekly prayer and put some pins under the word prayers and you’re done!

DIY Prayer Board With Free Printable

DIY Prayer Board With Free Printable

What do you do to keep the family praying together? Comment below 🙂

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