DIY Raised Garden Planter

This idea came to me for my last rescue! I had already given up on planting any vegetables but then one Sunday afternoon I spotted a steel barrel and all my hopelessness came to end! I’m so glad I had this idea and it was super easy! All you need is a steel barrel, cutting tools (or somebody you can ask to cut it for you) and some spray paint (optional).

Here is a picture of the steel barrel that I had used. You can get it from any factory and they work great for keeping rain water as well!IMG_4546.JPG

Then, you cut it in three parts with a grinder Р or anything else that works (how should I know, I just tell my hubby to do it). He cut it exactly where the two rounded parts are.IMG_4538.JPG

Now it was my turn. I took some spray paint (brown metallic color) and started spraying away. It was super easy and I was done in no time cause it dried so fast (maybe because it was really hot too).

Then we picked up some soil and positioned them where we wanted in our yard.IMG_4541.JPGIf you don’t have strong men helping, you can just position the barrels where you like and then fill them up with soil. Plant whatever you want in them! I planted four tomatoes, 3 rhubarb and one cucumber. It’s my first garden EVER. So let’s see how that’s going to work out. This is all I have as a garden too, gotta start small and work your way up slowly. I’ve never had luck with plants, like ever – it seemed that they would die as soon as they came in my hands. Like my hands were jinxed or something. But you’re supposed to get better the more you try, so here I am- trying and trying.IMG_4544.JPGWe took the lid from the steel barrel and fastened it on the second circle so both barrels have a base. If I ever want to move them anywhere – there’s no problem!IMG_4544 - CopyHow do you keep your garden?

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