Gift Wrap Storage For Under 2 Dollars!

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We all have a bunch of wrapping paper laying around and can't really find a spot to put them, eh? Click To Tweet I’m sure I’m not the only one here! But good thing I made up this awesome Gift Wrap Storage For Under 2 Dollars!

I just happened to walk by the ‘men’ area at the dollar store (not really men, but the area with all the tools and stuff, you know) and I spotted these handy dandy hooks. I’m not being discriminating here, just joking around ok? Alright.  Then I remembered that extra space on the bottom of our storage closet and boom, one and one together makes two!

This does not require any fancy supplies or a lot of work and skills. I just bought 2 All Purpose Handy Hooks for $1.50 at the dollar store.

How to make the Gift Wrap Storage For Under 2 Dollars!:

Gift Wrap Storage For Under 2 Dollars!Then we screwed them onto the bottom part in our storage closet. Make sure the hooks are just far enough apart to hold a regular gift wrapping stick.

Gift Wrap Storage For Under 2 Dollars!

And that’s it! You can store your gift wrapping paper in there and make multiple use of unused wall space!

Can’t find it at your dollar store? Don’t worry! I found almost the exact hook on amazon here.

Gift Wrap Storage For Under 2 Dollars!

How do you store your wrapping paper? Let me know in the comment section below and keep browsing my other posts! xoxo

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Gift Wrap Storage For Under 2 Dollars!

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