How To Get Rid Of Spray Paint

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All of us who love spray painting can probably relate to this ‘before’ picture – at least once! I had the pleasure of covering my hand full of spray paint just before an important meeting. Now tell me, can you go to a meeting with hand covered in white paint? No, that would be the worst nightmare.

How did I get all that spray paint on my hand? Well, that was another one of my great moments. I decided to spray paint some owls white for a project and – of course- did it outside. Who want’s all that fume in your house, right? Well, I didn’t consider the extreme humidity outside so the spray painting was a total fail! I tried to wipe it off before it would dry and that way got it all over my hands! Of course I knew you could get rid of it after it dried.. but I guess the moment took overhand.

So I needed to get rid of it, fast. Really fast. First I tried Nail Polish at first, but that BARELY worked and it did not smell great. Instead of breathing in those chemicals, I tried some vegetable oil that we had at hand. It worked wonders!!! It was probably one of the easiest things I have every cleaned!

The reason vegetable oil works so well is, because it workstheir way into your skin and that way instead of rubbing the paint into your pores – like water – it opens your pores and gives your cleaning a free way!

What you need:

  • Vegetable Oil
  • Baby Wipes
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Step 1: Take your vegetable oil and place a bit on your hand. Rub it around your hands till you feel the need to take new oil. Take a wet wipe and wipe all the oil off. Put new oil on your hands and keep rubbing it on the spray paint areas.

Step 2: Keep repeating Step 1 until you get rid of all of it!

  • I preferred to use baby wipes to wipe away the oil, because it seemed impossible with water •
  • You can also use a cotton ball to spread your oil, but I preferred using my hand because it was so much more effective!

This is what my hand looked like in the beginning:

IMG_5085.JPG.jpgAfter 5 minutes of oil rubbing:IMG_5087And after 10 minutes:IMG_5091.JPG.jpg

For all of you who need a quick & effective solution: you’re welcome!

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