Rustic Extension Cord Hide

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Rustic Extension Cord Hide

Today I will show you an easy fix for that ugly extension cord that is hanging in your living room. The difference is huge(at least to me, my husband didn’t even notice the difference), and it only requires a few basic materials. Let’s get started!

Rustic Extension Cord Hide


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Rustic Extension Cord Hide

Step 1:

  • Measure the amount that will be visible. I took the extension cord and checked when it would reach the couch. It would be a good idea to take a marker and mark where it reaches the ‘unseen’ area. That way you don’t waste your time with doing more than you need to!

Rustic Extension Cord Hide

Step 2:

Take your heated hot glue gun and start dabbing a bit of glue on the extension cord. Then quickly roll around the cable tightly and close together.I started from the bottom and worked my way up the top. This you keep doing until you reach the outlet part.

Rustic Extension Cord Hide

Rustic Extension Cord Hide

When I reached the outlet part, it got a bit trickier and I first winded around as much as I could as so:

Rustic Extension Cord Hide


Then I cut little pieces of twine and filled them in separately using the hot glue gun. I covered everything but the part that the cable has to go in. Easy as a pie!

Rustic Extension Cord Hide Rustic Extension Cord Hide


Comment below and let me know what you think or what you did to hide your extension cord! xoxo

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Rustic Extension Cord Hide

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