Napkin Stand DIY

IMG_4567.JPGAs you can see I am really all about wood…wood here, wood there and wood everywhere. Almost all my decoration or DIY’s are made out of wood. I just love the feeling it gives you, it is so warm, so homey.

It was very important for me to decorate my home the way I love. I knew I was going to spent most of my time at home and I am still spending all my time at home. Also, our winters are long and VERY cold. Therefore I really wanted a comfy house where you can feel at peace.

This tissue stand pretty much cost me $2. I bought the napkin stand at our Dollar Store for $1.50 and had the rest lying around at home.

I ran into the same stand at winners, and it was selling for $15.99!! So it was definitely worth it!! It only took a couple minutes and saved me so much money as well! Just what I love, quick tutorials that cost little money. Do you love that as well? Then stay tuned for another one of my simple DIY’s 🙂

What you need:

  • Tissue Stand
  • Wood Slice
  • Silicone or any other strong glue

How to do it:

First you take your Tissue Stand and cut it at the bottom where it starts to make the base.IMG_0128.JPG

Now take your wood slice and mark where you want your holes. Cut them out afterwards.IMG_4404.JPG

Now take your silicone or any other strong glue and put them in the holes and then attach the stand.IMG_4554.JPG.jpgFinally, I let mine dry overnight and as a result it stuck on there like a bomb!IMG_4558.JPG

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There you are, a rustic SUPER cute Tissue Stand!IMG_4571.JPGIt is such a small addition in your home, where you don’t necessarily think about making one. But once you have, you can be so happy about it! I find the small items in your home are the most noteworthy ones.IMG_4563.JPGIMG_4571 - Copy

How does your napkin stand look like? A DIY as well? Or bought from a store? Don’t forget to comment below and let me know!

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